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Hong Kong, the former British colony and now the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a thriving and vibrant city of almost seven million. While legally part of China, Hong Kong is secluded from main land China as a dependency with a high degree of autonomy. The former colony has its own laws, separate immigration controls, financial system and is officially bi-lingual (Cantonese and English). It is a commercial and economic center surrounded by the natural beauty of the South China Sea and its nearby islands. The transportation network is excellent and Hong Kong's shopping opportunities are world famous. In Hong Kong you can find the all the conveniences of modern living side-by-side with the reminders of its historic past. Visitor highlights such as Ocean Park, the fantastic view at the top of Victoria Peak and beautiful Repulse Bay draw tourists and residents alike.

Notre Dame International offers several exchange programs in Hong Kong:

Chinese University of Hong Kong

The University of Notre Dame and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) began a bilateral exchange program in Fall 2008. CUHK is a leading research university with seven faculties: The Faculty of Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Science and Social Science, and the new School of Law. There are more than 330 programs of study available to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The library system has comprehensive holdings and the computer facilities are state of the art. Because of the excellent academic reputation of CUHK, the diversity and quality of its course offerings, its strong faculty, and its location in Asia, this program has the potential for growth beyond the initial exchange program. CUHK has a student body of about 18,500 undergraduates and postgraduates. CUHK has a bilingual bicultural population of local and international students and scholars. CUHK receives students from over 180 academic institutions worldwide.

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University of Hong Kong

Students in this program will take courses at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), a dynamic, comprehensive university of world-class standing. As a leading international institution of higher learning in Asia, it attracts outstanding scholars from around the world through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning and research and knowledge exchange. With ten Faculties and numerous research centers, its reputation as a center of intellectual excellence is recognized around the world.

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Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology

Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology (HKUST) is a dynamic and forward-thinking University that embraces a truly global outlook and an innovative spirit. Founded in 1991, it has rapidly established itself as a top global institution and built a respectable reputation in the world by aligning our world-class educational resources with the growth momentum of Asia. The University has developed a unique East-West educational ethos centered on the core values of excellence, diversity, open-minded curiosity and an upbeat “can do” spirit.  Notre Dame has established exchange programs with HKUST in 2018.

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Global Professional Experience

The Global Professional Experience program allows students to learn firsthand, through unpaid internship positions, how businesses and organizations operate in different parts of the world. This four-and-a-half week workplace engagement/internship program places students with different businesses in Beijing, Hong Kong, and India. Notre Dame International provides logistic support on the ground through its global gateway and centers. Orientations will be provided upon arrival on-site. 

This program includes three main components:

  • A one credit course that both introduces the major economic and social issues that are shaping contemporary China and India and also provides a classroom setting for discussing your professional experiences. The course will start in the spring term before departure and via internet once students arrive on-site.
  • A two-day on-site orientation provided by the Notre Dame Global Gateway in Beijing, the Hong Kong Global Center in Hong Kong and the Mumbai Global Center in India.
  • A one-month workplace placement within a business or organization in China or India that will provide you with professional experiences related to your academic and professional interests.  Host businesses and organizations include media, law, technology, healthcare, and finance, among other sectors. 

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SIBC Investment Trip

The Student International Business Council (SIBC) organizes a semester-long Asia stock trading competition, with support from alumni, parents, and the Hong Kong Global Center. Winning students are selected to travel to Hong Kong where they visit an assortment of professional service firms in the city. Students produced a video about the trip in 2018.