Notre Dame International announces faculty research grant recipients for fall 2018

Author: Colleen Wilcox

Fifteen collaborative research grants were awarded to Notre Dame faculty and research partners around the world. Notre Dame International released the list of recipients for the 2018 fall grant cycle for the Asia Research Collaboration Grant, Luksic Family Collaboration Grant, and Mexico Faculty Grant Program.

The Luksic Family Collaboration Grant has funded 46 projects since 2013 for research collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), a leading Catholic research university in Latin America, with more than 16 units on campus participating. The collaborations with PUC have also facilitated the joint doctoral programs with the College and Science and College of Engineering.

The Mexico Faculty Grant Program, initiated in 2017, has led to research collaborations with more than 14 institutions in Mexico.

The Asia Research Collaboration Grant, initiated in 2017, funded projects in Greater China and India during its first two cycles. In order to be responsive to faculty interests, this cycle expanded the program to include countries throughout Asia. As a result, projects will be funded for Greater China, India, Japan, and Bangladesh.

“The primary goal for the international research grant programs is to help faculty expand the international reach of their research,” says Jonathan Noble, assistant provost for internationalization.

“They also help to strengthen Notre Dame’s research partnerships with universities throughout the world to increase the global recognition and impact of our faculty’s research.”

Every year, NDI provides these grants to help build and encourage academic and research collaboration. The proposals submitted in October were from Notre Dame faculty members representing a wide range of disciplines across the University.

Over the past five years, Notre Dame International has awarded 142 grants totaling over $1.5 million to Notre Dame faculty whose research had an international component. This critical funding is made possible through the generous support of University benefactors.

Applications for all three grants open up for the next cycle in January. More information about eligibility, grant requirements, and funding for the Notre Dame International faculty research grants can be found on NDI’s website.

Contact: Colleen Wilcox, content strategist, Notre Dame International,

Originally published by Colleen Wilcox at on December 17, 2018.